How Dark Money Turns a Right-Leaning Country to the Hard Left


Over the past half-decade, Democrats have quietly pulled ahead of Republicans in untraceable political spending. One group helped make it happen, writes Emma Green for The Atlantic. She was writing about the dark money group Arabella. The Progressives turning our right-of-center nation into a Progressive one use thousands of dark money groups. The mothership is the secretive Arabella Advisors.

This is how Joe Biden gets some of those 81 million votes. It’s how money gets to Hamas and other anti-Israel efforts.

They promote DSA protests against Israel.

Arabella Advisors’ nonprofits have collectively hosted hundreds of left-wing policy and advocacy organizations since the network’s creation (referred to by critics as “pop-up groups” because they are little more than websites.)

Arabella is the group behind the attacks on conservative Justice’s fake ethics violations.

In this clip, the person who uncovered their unethical enterprise explains briefly what is going on:

Arabella was involved in swaying the election of the House. They take money from foreigners influencing our politics and receive money from foreign billionaires to make it happen. Read the testimony of Scott Walter.
Testimony Of Scott Walter, President Of Capital Research Center

Illegal foreign donations are coming into C4s. his testimony in this hearing involved the Swiss billionaire and foreign national Hansjörg Wyss, who in the last two decades gave roughly a half-billion dollars to America’s largest “dark money” network, the sprawling empire run by Arabella Advisors.

My written testimony carefully documents this foreign billionaire’s meddling in America citing only mainstream media sources—the New York Times, Politico, and the Associated Press—plus the Federal Election Commission’s general counsel.

The FEC’s general counsel notes Wyss illegally made direct political contributions, though the statute of limitations has expired, giving to Sen. Dick Durbin and Reps. Jay Inslee and Mark Udall, among others.[4]

The Associated Press calls Wyss a “Democratic-aligned megadonor” and reports his nonprofits helped “bankroll efforts to lift President Joe Biden’s agenda and paid for TV ads promoting Democratic congressional candidates” in the midterms.[5]

The New York Times reports, “tax filings show [the Wyss Foundation and (c)(4) Berger Action Fund] donated $208 million from 2016 through [2020] to three other nonprofit funds that doled out money to a wide array of groups that backed progressive causes and helped Democrats in their efforts to win the White House and control of Congress.” “Beneficiaries” of Wyss’s “direct giving included … organizations that ran voter registration and mobilization campaigns to increase Democratic turnout, [and] built media outlets accused of slanting the news to favor Democrats.”[6]

Politico reports Wyss gave $1 million to the “National Redistricting Action Fund, a sister group of Democrats’ national redistricting hub.”[7]

This is truly shocking:  A foreign national billionaire appears to have affected the very membership of this House and this Committee. The lines governing the districts you represent may have been carved in part by foreign money. The same foreign cash may have funded the turnout efforts in your last elections.

Read the entire transcript here.


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2 months ago

Orthodox Jews oppose Israel’s brutal treatment of Palestinian Christians and Moslems, even Justin Amash’s family.

2 months ago

Rise of the Non Profits. There are millions of them and more springing up every day. It’s gotten so bad, that non profits will have their own non profits, and so on and so forth, a tangled web of lies, nearly impossible for regular citizens or law enforcement to follow the money and track back accountability, with a special bonus they can now circumvent FOIA requests.

That’s because there is no effective check and balance in the fiduciary system anymore. The non profit has become a political tool, a means to effect advocacy and circumvent congressional intent, all on the taxpayers dime. Congress has essentially lost all control. The 501c companies are acting like governments to themselves, mini fiefdoms with direct access to the taxpayers wallets. Big corporations whom utilize these mechanisms also save a fortune, offloading their advocacy costs to the taxpayer. Taxation without representation at it’s finest.

Let’s not forget to frame this issue with an important root cause of the issue; Citizens United. I know it may seem counter intuitive but; We the Citizens, stand against Citizens United. We should really have a new prohibition in this country, one which makes paid advocacy illegal. Because this has become a business now, an ongoing enterprise where there is money to be made, careers to be had, in a lifelong never ending infinite pursuit of soliciting for grant money in order to effectively sell policy changes. Highest bidder wins!

As it stands now the vast majority of everything we see flooding our country, every offensive new policy, every new radical group gaining instant power and clout, every offensive idea which the majority of Americans do not embrace nor support, that’s all a result of improper distribution of an ever growing grant money pool, specifically directed to the non profit sector. Unless we dial back non profit 501c to just religious institutions like this taxation exception was originally intended to serve, expect more of the same.

The truth is we have already traded representative governance off in favor of private interests being our new governors and managers, aka the unelected bureaucrats and deep state. It’s important to get better at specifically defining the problem, so people can have better focus to actually accomplish meaningful reforms. Courtesy of the IRS and 501c tax code exception systems, accompanied by the Federal Reserve and chrony banksters whom dole out the public money to private enterprises without oversight nor reasonable restrictions.

If you want to cut the head off the snake, to restore representative governance to the people, we need to abolish the non profit exceptions, simplify the tax codes, and make paid lobbying for corporations illegal. The congress critters spend most of their days dialing for dollars, and if they want more free time, they answer to the lobbyists, which is why that is what most of them eventually acquiesce to. Then the lobbyists have them earmark funds for non profits which ultimately benefit the lobbyists big corporate employers. The game continues on another day. Your tax dollars, hard at work. Do not steal, the government hates competition.

Your pal; Apache Helicopter.