Creepy anchor interviews fake journalist to trash Trump staffers


CNN anchor Jake Tapper said Sunday that President Donald Trump had scared many of his colleagues off, often preventing them from reporting the truth.

If you disagree with them, you’re a liar.

Tapper joined colleague Brian Stelter on his Sunday morning media show “Reliable Sources” to discuss how media coverage has changed during Trump’s presidency and what lessons they could continue to use going forward.

We really want lessons from these two radical, dishonest activists for the far-left – not.

Two of the most mendacious radicals on fake news CNN are calling President Trump’s staff, liars. They singled out Kellyanne Conway, Kayleigh McEnany, and Jason Miller, without presenting their evidence.

Unreliable Sources guy Brian Stelter interviewing CNN colleague Jake Tapper was merely an excuse to trash the people they disagree with, and it’s quite clever.

Tapper and Stelter pushed the fake Russia hoax and other lies for years, but they are never accountable.


The interview focused on how terrific they are and how difficult it has been for them during the Trump years.

Stelter is the one who told criminal Michael Avenatti that he could be President. Tapper gave the rather awful Anthony Scaramucci interview time so they could trash Trump together.

Tapper is so disappointed in journalists who supported Trump.

We are disappointed with him. He acts like he was a warrior for Ted Cruz in this next clip. But he insults Cruz fairly regularly.

Tapper says he thinks people were too scared, to tell the truth. How would he know? He would have no idea. Where is your evidence Jake, old boy?

The one thing that was most disconcerting over the past four years was watching the media call every disagreement or mistake a ‘lie,’ if it came from the right.

Another crazy approach the media took was to claim President Trump or his staff were in a rage when there was no evidence of that in tweets or interviews.

This latest interview is just more of their constant 24/7 assault on the opposition. Tapper expected people on the right to torch President Trump when he was wrong, but why would we do that when he was under constant attacks? That doesn’t make loyal supporters far-right, but to Tapper, it does.


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