Critical Shortages of Fluids, Syringes, and Vital Drugs in the US


We now have critical shortages of saline and other fluids. There is also a shortage of emergency syringes and they are affecting large numbers of patients.

While progress has been made in improving access to a number of at-risk products, shortages for low-cost injectable generic drugs and essential fluids vital to patient care remain a vulnerability.

George Washington in a hospital bed on life support

A staple of medical care, U.S. providers are reporting significant disruptions in the supply of fluids ─ various presentations of pre-filled saline flush syringes, normal saline injection, and sterile water injection vials. Fluids in short supply are also shifting to the pharmaceutical space given their role in reconstitution, infusions, and dilutions of drugs.

You can view the FDA list of shortages here.

We know of one ER hospital in Raton, New Mexico that has critical shortages of life saving drugs along with a shortage of IV fluid bags. There must be others.

Instead of blowing trillions on welfare and socialist agenda items, why can’t we transfer the money to these critical needs?

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