CRT Activist Terrorizes Parents, Maybe Garland Should Check Him Out


CRT parent activist Malikk Austin terrorized parents at a school board meeting in Fort Worth, telling them he had “over 1,000 soldiers ready to go” and that they will come “locked and loaded.”

Maybe Merrick Garland should worry about the CRT parents instead of people who don’t want their children taught CRT hate and racism.

“For those who got an issue with this critical race theory equity, this is something I fought for, for my children,” Austin, who is black, said at the start of his remarks.

“How dare you come out here and talk about the things that my daddy and my grandparents went through, the lynching, the oppression, Jim Crow, and my kids are still being afflicted by this. How dare you come out here and challenge me on critical race theory,” he continued looking at other parents in the audience.

“Look up the word, ‘racism,’ this is something deliberately done to people of African descent,” he added. “They’re shackling us down. This hate, fear, [inaudible] ain’t gonna work no more.” [second clip below]

“We are not our ancestors. I got over 1,000 soldiers ready to go,” Austin said.

In the first clip below, Austin says, “I’ll bring my soldiers with me next time … locked and loaded.”

As the police escorted him out of the building, he repeated “locked and loaded” several times.

People at the meeting felt very threatened, but Austin said that wasn’t his intention. Maybe he was just angry, but why isn’t Attorney General Merrick Garland checking him out or does he only check out people who are opposed to CRT?

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2 years ago

There are a lot more parents than ypour gang of uncouth thugs who find you as offensive and disgusting as you CRT Convoluted Repugnant Tyrannical threats.. The only thing you are enslaved by Malikk (Edgar) Austin is your self inflicted ignorance. And you better hope it’s not genetically inherent, as it is you who will be imposing a disservice on your children.

2 years ago

If this guy shows up in Fort Worth with an “army” of 1,000 locked and loaded terrorist, I would expect that there would be 1,000 bodies stacked like cord wood when it was all over. I just don’t see that part of Texas putting up with Loud Mouth Social Justice Warrior Morons. I’m surprised he made it out of the room alive after threatening Texans like that. All I saw in the video was a Democrat Racist Liberal Loser who isn’t really smart enough to make it in a high tech America. He’s a typical 2 digit IQ Black Militant who thought the Late 1960’s was a great time for Black People. Malikk (Edgar) Austin might want to think about going on a vacation until after New Years to give the real Texans of Fort Worth time to cool off. He’s strikes me as the the Hot Head type who goes off and then riots and tries to burn a city down. It’s also been reported that he has also done time for sex crimes. This is exactly the type of guy Garland should be checking out along with the Brotherhood Movement.

The Grift Will End Eventually
The Grift Will End Eventually
2 years ago

Build a bridge and get over it. I never owned any slaves and you never picked any cotton.
The Civil War paid all debts and ended slavery, at least in America.
The oppressed versus oppressors is played out in the modern welfare state with multiple government programs to make everyone egalitarian and equal.
My ancestors came over on ships looking for food and work and we don’t owe jack F’in sh1t.