Cruz warns a Justice must be appointed BEFORE Election Day


Senator Ted Cruz appeared on Hannity Friday night and warned that President Trump must nominate a successor to Ruth Bader Ginsburg immediately. He stated emphatically that the nominee must be confirmed before election day.

It is possible. McConnell said he needs two months to appoint a Justice. We don’t have two months. However, Justice Stevens was nominated and confirmed in 17 days. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was confirmed in 33 days. We have the time.

Cruz thinks Democrats should agree but we shouldn’t hold our breath for that. They will delay.

Democrats and Joe Biden have made it clear they will fight the legitimacy of this election. Hillary Clinton said Biden must not accept the election results.

Cruz pointed out the devastating impact on American society should there be a 4-4 court during what will certainly be a contested election.

“I believe that the president should next week, nominate a successor to the court. And I think it is critical that the Senate takes up and confirms that successor before election day,” said Cruz. “There’s going to be enormous pressure from the media, there’s going to be enormous pressure from Democrats to delay filling this vacancy, but this election, this nomination is why Donald Trump was elected.”

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  1. Senator Cruz is correct. In which case he should be willing to accept the nomination if the president offers it to him . Cruz said he didn’t want it but if he believes it is important then he needs to step to the plate. Murkowski AK said she would not vote for a SCJ before the election. Chances are Romney won’t and neither will Collins ME. That means a 50-50 split in which case the VP breaks the tie. It’s going to be a squeaker if it passes..

  2. Sydney Powell is a far better choice than Ted Cruz who is needed in the Senate. We need a fearless fighter who will clean out the vermin nested in the DOJ and judiciary. Powell is the one to do it.

  3. Whatever I think of Cruz’s sentiment, the same logic would have applied in 2016, no?
    There are cogent reasons to proceed with a SCOTUS selection, but simply to ensure a 4-4 tie is broken (when indeed the Constitution puts Congress as the arbiter of Presidential elections) seems wispy.

  4. The Senate could pull it off if the gop majority has enough spine, and that is A HUGE IF. President Trump is really good at playing the cards he has been dealt, and he’s going to choose the next Supreme Court Justice. Even if he has to do it as a lame duck.

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