New 2020 Democrat slogan, “Burn It Down!”


In the aftermath of RBG’s death, Democrats have a new 2020 slogan – ‘burn it all down!’ They are screaming it on the pages of social media, and Twitter and FB are leaving those threats up.

Regardless, we MUST appoint a new justice and do it quickly.


As Senator Ted Cruz explained on ‘Hannity’ last night, if we don’t have a 5-4 court by election day, the Democrats, who have already committed to not accepting a Trump win, will end up with a constitutional crisis. A 4-4 court can’t decide anything.

It can be done. Ted Cruz said in a tweet: Important history: “19 times between 1796 & 1968 presidents have sought to fill a Supreme Court vacancy in a presidential-election year while their party controlled the Senate. 10 of those nominations came before the election; 9 of the 10 were successful.”

Democrats have already started to lose it. As we mentioned in a prior post, before offering any condolences, Chuck Schumer wrote on Twitter, “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.”

Suddenly, he cares about the American people, or is it just some people?

In 2015, Schumer said the Supreme Court has appointed 17 justices in presidential election years, Senate, do your job, and we should listen to that advice.

Ironically, it was Democrat Harry Reid who ended the filibuster and it was Chuck Schumer who encouraged him to do it. Reid was warned not to do it at the time.

Even more ironic, it was then-senator Barack Obama who pushed an unprecedented filibuster against now-Justice Alito in an election year.


From a writer:

Maxine Waters ordered Senate Democrats to not back down and keep the Republicans from appointing a Supreme Court Justice. Democrats are in the minority in the Senate so they have to let all hell break loose and terrify the Republicans whose seats are in jeopardy. It’s the only way they can live up to her command.

Next up is a liberal/leftist woman who screams, curses at the top of her lungs WHILE DRIVING A CAR. She is angry with Ruth for not making it to 2021.

The Burn It Down Contingent

Crazy Reza says they’ll burn the thing down, which is what they have been doing. Trump’s at 53% on Rasmussen daily tracking polls!

This is from Mr. Ethics of the WI Journal:

Poly Sci Prof at Waterloo U:

This guy’s a chemist:

This guy sells books, they’ll go up fairly quickly:

Even Democrat cats want to burn it down:


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