CUNY Dept. Chair Explains Professors, Teacher Unions Organize Radical Protests


CUNY law professor and department chair at CUNY Jeffrey Lax spoke with Brian Kilmeade on Fox News to discuss the professors organizing these protests.

The professors and teachers’ union are behind the protests and riots at college campuses. Professor Lax said, “The Jews are the low-hanging fruit,” and “when they get knocked off,” they will go for the rest of us.

This is a war of opportunity. The Communists and Fascists are signing up with the Islamists to overturn the nation.

People are pouring into the country and going right to the colleges.

He said that the unions are behind a lot of these demonstrations. They all have the common goal of destroying America. They are coordinating and organizing with the Islamist encampment people.

Western culture is the target. These protests and riots have spread to 44 campuses, at least in 26 states.

Professor Lax said that immigration is a big part of the problem. They arrive straight from their other countries from across the border and head for the campuses where they spew anti-Semitic tropes from day one because they are coming from countries all over the world. People think they’re coming from Venezuela and Mexico, but they’re coming from the entire world.

They have been doing this for years. I watched CUNY professors organize the Occupy Wall Street movement. They were training the students to chant in Zuccotti Park.

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