194 Nations to Sign WHO Binding Pandemic Accord This Month


As negotiations for a totalitarian pandemic accord approach an arbitrary deadline this month, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) has called upon countries to expedite their efforts in reaching an agreement to bolster global defenses against future pandemics, as reported by Reuters.

That includes the pandemics they cause undoubtedly.

The proposed pact, along with several updates to existing pandemic protocols, aims to control world health, speech, travel, and more with an Accord, not a Treaty. [This way Biden could sign it, and the Senate will do nothing?]

With negotiations slated to conclude on May 10 and adoption expected at the WHO’s upcoming annual assembly, significant disparities still persist among involved parties.

Addressing delegates at a meeting in Geneva, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who once let many of his own people die, urged nations to prioritize the safety of their populations by swiftly reaching a consensus.

They want the US to pay for the world’s drugs.

A key point of contention revolves around equitable distribution of medicines and vaccines, particularly between affluent nations and developing economies, aiming to rectify the disparities witnessed during the COVID-19 crisis.

The treaty/accord is believed to still be BINDING.

British MEP Danny Kreuger explained:

The elites want to become the Brussels of the world. The WHO Pandemic Accord is a vast redistribution of wealth. and it will be administered by the global organization which cannot be held accountable.

  • Financial contributions to fund pandemic response activities…
  • It could require the surrender of intellectual property and technologies…
  • Mandate the manufacture and international sharing of vaccines…
  • Could override National Safety approval processes for vaccines, gene-based therapies, physical devices, and diagnostics…
“The powers of The Who extend potentially to ordering:
  • border closures on countries,
  • travel restrictions,
  • tracing of contacts,
  • refusal of entry,
  • forced quarantining,
  • medical examinations,
  • including requirements for proof of vaccination,
  • and even the forced medication of individuals,
  • and it’s not just when there is indeed a pandemic already declared that these powers be invoked. [But] when there’s simply the potential for such an emergency that The Who claims this power …”
Update video from the people who want to control the world:


You know how they locked us down and took all our freedoms away. They want to enshrine that in a global law that is binding.

Thousands believe they were harmed by the vaccine.

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