Cuomo creates an ode to himself with a bizarre poster


The New York governor commissioned a bizarre poster that shows him navigating a “sea of division” and “squalls of hate.” What a joke, the communist Democrat aka progressive told all the conservatives to move if they didn’t like what he was doing.

He designed it himself. The historical seafaring theme represents turbulent waters and octopuses he is navigating.  There’s a flying demon in the photo.

“A ship of state on the sea of division,” said far-left Cuomo, describing his artistic and political vision.

He has everything labeled in case you don’t get it. A squid is called “government incompetence,” and there is a ship of state, labeled as such.

The rainbow is “The arc of the moral universe.” His ship is riding into the “squalls of hate,” which would be the Democrats attacking Jews on an almost daily basis. It could also be all the violent criminals he’s releasing from jail.

There are greedy reefs and a tidal wave. He’s decided New York is “The Progressive Capital Leading the Way.”

His big ego is out of control and bumped up on a few reefs on Twitter with users who mocked the dictator. The progressives liked it and are happy they can smoke pot without any interference. The criminals like it too.

It took Cuomo two months to come up with this portrait to himself.

The truth in the poster is there are lots of squalls of hate since he became governor, along with potholes, and a rotting subway. Sadly, he will be governor forever.



  1. Can someone telegraph Cuomo back in 1918 and let him know we’d be just as happy if he’ and his antique poster STAYED there?

  2. FOOL of himself – again. Can anyone tell me how they manage to get in office and commit TREASON on you and not get hanged?

  3. The rich spoiled brat who was handed everything in life has the mentality of a 16 year old. It matches the mentality of his voters. He wants the presidency.

  4. It looks like something Kim Jong Un would have had commissioned. What’s next, declaring himself Governor for life and claiming he’s a god?

  5. this man is monstrous…NY you better recall this arrogant prick before our whole nation goes down the toilet…mind you, it has already started and YOU need to do something about it

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