Iran invites NTSB in but they cleaned up the crash site


Iran invited Boeing, the NTSB, and Ukraine into the country to investigate. Ukraine has been part of the probe.

In somewhat of a surprise, Iran has invited the National Transportation Safety Board, the U.S. accident investigation agency, to participate in the probe of the Ukrainian Boeing commercial jetliner that crashed near Tehran earlier this week.

The NTSB said in a statement Thursday it had received “formal notification” about the crash from the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board of the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran and is sending “an accredited representative to the investigation of the crash.”

Iran has also invited Boeing, the U.S. manufacturer of the plane, to be a part of the investigation team.

Government sources have told VOA that U.S. officials have examined satellite data and imagery leading them to believe the airliner, just after taking off from Tehran, was hit by a Russian-made surface-to-air missile after being targeted accidentally.

A U.S. official confirmed to VOA that he is confident the plane was shot down by Iran.

“At some point, they’ll release the black box. Ideally, they’ll get it to Boeing,” Trump added in remarks to reporters in the White House Roosevelt Room Thursday.


However, they appear to have cleaned up the place. Also, it is also not clear how much access the NTSB and Boeing will have.


In this video, which appears to show the moment the plane was hit or exploded, it looks like the plane was hit.

The photos and the videos aren’t verified.

This is the original video of the plane on fire and crashing:

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