Cuomo & de Blasio Blast NYPD Warrant Squad-NYC Sees Another Bloody Week


by Frank Salvatore

As the Big Apple sees another spike in shootings, Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo wasted considerable energy blasting an NYPD warrant squad for arresting someone accused of vandalizing 5 cameras critical to law enforcement.  Andrew called the arrest “obnoxious”, “insensitive”, and “frightening”.

Meanwhile, New York City’s weekend just added to a record-setting bloody 7 days of gun violence.

The Big Apple’s alarming surge in gun crime continued early Sunday, with seven more shootings and 10 victims — including two people hit during a party in East New York — capping a week that averaged a murder a day.

On Saturday the Big Apple passed the grim milestone of having seen more shootings than all of 2019.  That record-setting number was 777.  This added to a week that saw 32 shootings resulting in 36 separate victims.

By midnight Saturday, the week had already seen 7 murders, averaging one a day for this week.

The gunfire continued early Sunday, with a double shooting at an apparent house party in East New York — where neighbors said another shooting had occurred earlier in the summer.

Maybe what’s truly “obnoxious”, “insensitive” and “frightening” is how “home town boys” Cuomo and de Blasio could spend time berating a plainclothes unit tasked with executing some of the NYPD’s most dangerous assignments, while bodies are dropping all over the 5 boroughs.

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