Cuomo-de Blasio say no indoor dining in restaurants – indefinitely


Communist meatheads

Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio are literally and willfully bankrupting New York City restaurants. Restaurant owners have banded together and are suing them for $2 billion. Included in the lawsuit is Lady Gaga’s father.

About 300 NYC restaurants filed a class action suit against Cuomo for violating the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

Their attorney James Mermigis said there is no science to support Cuomo’s mandate to keep NYC eateries from indoor eating. Eateries were supposed to reopen July 2nd.

Restaurants have opened for indoor dining in Westchester and Long Island for months without another outbreak.

Both Cuomo and DeBlasio are totalitarians.


Nothing moves these morons. Cuomo is now insisting that, instead of hiring police to protect the residents as crime soars under progressive policies, there needs to be a 4,000-man surveillance team in place. That didn’t go over well so now he’s insisting local governments come up with a plan.


Cuomo said Tuesday that indoor dining will only resume once local governments come up with an inspection and enforcement mechanism to make sure restaurants are in compliance with their maximum occupancy limits.

A while back, De Blasio set up a snitch hotline to report offending restaurants and other facilities.

New Jersey is opening restaurants for indoor dining so New York City residents will just go there to eat out or to Long Island or Westchester.

“With indoor dining resuming soon in New Jersey, New York City will be surrounded by indoor dining but locked out from participating at significant economic peril,” said Andrew Rigie, executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance. “The situation is at a boiling point, and our government leaders must immediately develop a plan to reopen indoor dining across the five boroughs, like what’s been provided to restaurants throughout the rest of the state. Otherwise, our city’s economic crisis will reach a point it cannot come back from, with thousands of more restaurants permanently closing and likely more lawsuits filed against the government.”

Cuomo said the state is watching and considering opening indoor dining but not rushing into a decision, while de Blasio sounded far more dire and suggested indoor dining may be months away.

De Blasio said he hoped to have more to say about indoor dining soon but did not seem hopeful.

“It would take a huge step forward to get to that point, and that’s the truth,” he said.

Rigie said, “Our restaurants are hanging on by just a thread. They are the backbone of our community. They employ hundreds of thousands of people. We need indoor dining or we are going to lose thousands more small businesses.”

Jason Clark is one of the owners of Hold Fast on West 46th Street, also known as Restaurant Row. With fall and colder weather just around the corner, he also fears restaurants cannot survive keeping customers out in the cold.

“Please give us an opportunity to move forward, to allow our guests to have that experience, we will take care of public health,” Clark said. “That’s always been our top priority, just give us guidelines and we will follow them.”

Why do they have to beg? These elected officials should answer to them. All of the restaurants should just reopen.

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