Cuomo Goes Thug on POTUS, Wants 4,000 Cops To Police NYC’s Indoor Dining


Last week was quite a week for New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo.  Don’t be too hard on yourself if you missed some of what we’ll be sharing with you now.  After all, Andy’s fawning media doesn’t like reporting unflattering news about “their guy”.

On Wednesday the “Luv Gov” in an especially foul mood, went all stereotypical Mafioso on the President of the United States.  Infuriated that President Trump indicated he might pull some federal funds from “lawless” cities such as New York, Don Cuomo made this threat:

“He better have an army if he thinks he’s gonna walk down the street in New York. New Yorkers don’t want to have anything to do with him. He can’t have enough bodyguards to walk through New York City, people don’t want to have anything to do with him.”

Atta boy Andy.  Add this burst of thuggery to younger bro Fredo’s promise to throw a bar patron down some stairs and you’ve both managed to rekindle images many Italian Americans have been trying to erase for decades.

Ah, but Cuomo wasn’t done stepping in it.  Shortly after the above-mentioned meltdown, he decided to finally weigh in on opening NYC restaurants for indoor dining.  Pretty much hiding under his desk on this matter, while eatery owners begged to open for fear of losing their businesses, the governor proposed a “solution”.

While the rest of the state, along with Connecticut and New Jersey have allowed diners to eat indoors “The Big Apple” has folks eating on sidewalks, curb lanes, and in the streets.  The fix according to King Andrew Slayer of the Elderly is deploying 4,000 NYPD officers to monitor “compliance”.  In other words, send police into the 5 boroughs to make sure customers are social distancing, wearing masks when mandatory and that curfews are being upheld.

This otherworldly pronouncement came just after New York City’s August crime stats were published.  Shootings were up 166%.  Murders climbed 47%.  For the year, killings were 34% higher than the first 8 months of last year.

In other words, in the middle of one of the worst crime waves the city has seen in decades, Cuomo would redeploy more than 10% of the police force away from protecting an increasingly frightened, vulnerable population, and put them in restaurants where they can make certain patrons are a safe distance from one another.

It was certainly a couple of bad days for Governor Cuomo.  First, the whole Mafioso thug look, followed by a “solution” to an indoor dining problem guaranteed to make exploding NYC crime even worse.

No wonder his “media buds” buried this mess.  But, at least now you know.

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