Rep. Omar supports Biden but believes Tara Reade who says he’s a rapist


Rep. Ilhan Omar, who was and is a big supporter of communist Bernie Sanders, bashed her Democrat candidate. She believes Tara Reade, who said Biden raped her with his fingers. Omar also wants Joe to pay for it, but not at the moment — it can be delayed. In addition, she doesn’t want Biden as the candidate.

Is she allowed to say this? She will have to take this back and explain she was just confused or something.

Since we are delaying justice, presumably until he’s elected, what then? Shall we dump him, using the 25th Amendment, so the VP can take over? The running mate will possibly be the imaginary governor Stacey Abrams or the female Obama, Kamala Harris. Both women are very far-left.

Democrats have something up their sleeve with this terrible senile candidate.

We don’t believe or not believe Tara Reade. Reade makes a case but we need real evidence to agree to such a declaration.


Despite thinking he’s a rapist and shouldn’t be president, she’s enthusiastically supporting Joe Biden.

That is your Democrat Party today.

By the way, she arguably supports all communist policies. If you don’t like her, she claims you hate all Muslims. We do not. We hate her communism and hypocrisy.



  1. Omar wants to get groped good and hard if it will advance her religion of peace exploits.
    Behind his back she calls Joe every name in the book and will use the clueless infidel for whatever benefit that he can get her.
    Open borders in the democrat party allow people like her in and you can apply that to a national level with CPUSA immigration policies.

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