Cuomo is really grateful for the 1,000 ventilators from China after they lied to us


The Chinese Communist Party lied about this virus, letting it run amok throughout the world, and who does Governor Andrew Cuomo make a point of thanking? Chinese Communists, of course. He specifically thanked Chinese officials by name.

The President has showered Cuomo with ventilators, but he won’t thank him. He thanks the federal government.

China sends a lousy 1,000 ventilators and he is all aglow.

And what’s with the “finally got some good news today” in the tweet below? He’s been getting what he needs on a regular basis.

When he does show gratitude to the United States, it’s not to President Trump, it’s to the federal government. Who does he think the federal government is?



  1. It appears the Democrats are beholden to the Chinese in a way that we have not seen before; right out in the open. This is going to be a problem.

  2. He’s been an ingrate all along. Now he’s joined the growing ranks of Democrat/media quislings kowtowing to their Chinese masters.

  3. The ventilators China sent to Cuomo and sends to other countries are the defective ones made in China. In the meantime, 3M sells their M95 masks directly to China making much of their production unavailable to Americans because they get (probably) above market prices in cash. Even the Chinese masks have proven defective so you know which ones the Chinese government officials get.

  4. When will we all finally get that we ARE AT WAR. A GLOBAL WAR. And the only enemy is INVISIBLE. We are all being hunted by this invisible killer. We have no tools to fight this kind of enemy. Although our scientists are working overly hard to create a tool that will ultimately win the war. Which is great. I look forward to when they do. Right now, who cares how these politicians treat one another. That’s their problem. What we should ALL be doing is preparing how we can protect ourselves from this invisible enemy. Do what you can and if you cant help the fight to win this war, then the least we can all do is stay home. Easier said then done, i know. It’s War. Every country is in this fight. We are not alone. Nor is one country or person more important than the other. We are all in this together.

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