Cuomo’s increasing surveillance of COV pos. people & even has a tracking app


Governor Cuomo unveiled a new smartphone app on Thursday that alerts users if they’ve been within six feet of a person who has tested positive for the virus, The Daily News reports.

It tracks people. It adds to the environment of distrust the leftists want for us.

The contact-tracing app, called “COVID Alert NY,” employs Bluetooth technology to record whenever users come within proximity of each other.

“It doesn’t give any names, doesn’t give any privacy information,” the governor insisted (at least for now). Of course, it points out the person who tested positive.

The technology only works if a person who tests positive downloads the app and registers the COVID-19 diagnosis.

In turn, the app retroactively alerts other users who have recently been within six feet of the infected person for more than 10 minutes.

“It’s voluntary,” Cuomo said.

It’s voluntary for now. To Cuomo, it’s “to give people comfort.”

So far, the contact-tracing effort isn’t doing any good but this app raises concerns.


Cuomo is blaming the Jews again. However, every area he mentions has a lot of Black people as well. Both Cuomo and the NY City Mayor de Blasio blame the Jews for COVID spread. They won’t leave them alone.

Cuomo attributed the slight increase to skyrocketing infection rates in a handful of coronavirus “clusters” in the state, suggesting they are predominantly Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods of Brooklyn, Rockland County, and Orange County.

He keeps complaining that the Jews congregate for religious services. Cuomo claims they violate the mask-social distancing guidelines.

Cuomo told reporters on a conference call that he had spoken with leaders of the impacted communities.

“They’re going to take action on their own, community action,” the governor said. “We’re going to have public education, we’re going to be handing out flyers and mailings and that’s a good step.”

But Cuomo is also hammering local governments.

“If they’re not wearing masks, they should be fined,” he said. “Enforcement works. If you speed in your car, you get a ticket, that’s how it works. Compliance works, enforcement works. We’re in this situation partially because local governments have not been doing compliance.”

Communist Mayor de Blasio said Wednesday that hundreds of NYPD officers are expected to start patrolling the areas to ensure compliance.

Cuomo thinks that’s great.

“Compliance and enforcement is key,” he said.

They don’t care about the rioting and looting but they sure care about controlling people wearing masks and traveling about. If they’re Jewish, they’re under scrutiny.

Cuomo with tracking devices and police enforcement. What could go wrong?

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