Cupcake Students at Yale Hold a Virtual Hunger Strike Only to Get Shot Down by Republicans


NewBostonPost reported two days ago that Graduate student teachers fighting for better perks and benefits at Yale University went all out. They have gone where no man has gone before. They waged a hunger strike in between snacks. Snacking is allowed because it’s a “virtual” hunger strike.

It’s a “symbolic” hunger strike and they only eat when hungry.

The Cupcake Generation at its best!

According to a Yale Daily News report, eight members of the graduate student union Local 33 launched a hunger strike on the front lawn of President Peter Salovey’s home Tuesday night in an effort to jump-start collective bargaining negotiations. The rally is dubbed “Fast Against Slow.”

“What Yale could not stop, they are cynically trying to slow,” Local 33 Chair Adam Greenberg read from a distributed pamphlet at one point during the rally, according to the story. “Yale wants to make us wait and wait and wait… until we give up and go away.

Not to be outdone, the Yale College Republicans heard about it and wanted to do their fair share for the poor starving students. They pitched a tent right next to Yale’s President’s home on the third day of the hunger strike and set up a chicken and ribs BBQ right next to them.

They also served baked beans and corn on the cob. Yummm….I can smell it all the way to NY!

The purpose was their concern for the virtually starving protesters.

Unfortunately, the starving Socialists had to stay in their tents and dream of beef and beans as the aroma wafted in their direction.

Our heroes, The Republicans!

Yale, it seems, won’t negotiate a contract with now-unionized graduate starving socialist students though the students plan to appeal to the National Labor Relations Board. Yale, fairly far-left themselves, are hoping to hold out for Trump’s appointees to take their place on the Board.

When in a pinch, look who you can go to -Republicans!

Starving Socialists

The Chairman of the new socialist union was asked about the Republican BBQ and he said he wasn’t focused on that. They just make sure they have enough water. They have a nurse they check in with.

Why? Oh, right, they’re cupcakes.

The new unionistas are very angry with Yale for siding with Trump.

Trump actually is supportive of unions but he gives businesses a fair shake. The idea of graduate students unionizing and causing more tuition increases is asinine. They are spoiled cupcakes who don’t want to pay any dues whatsoever.

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