D.C. Warns They Could Engage Hezbollah One-to-One


Washington is getting involved in wars around the globe. They now promise to get involved in a war with Hezbollah. They said they would not stop Israel from attacking Lebanon but went further, and said they might directly engage.

According to a Politico source, this is how The US is trying to convince the Lebanon-based terrorists to back down and de-escalate.

Legacy media is a mouthpiece for the intel community.

“Two U.S. officials told Politico that the militia needs also to understand that Washington will help Israel defend itself if Hezbollah retaliates. They stressed that the militant group should not count on America to act as a brake on Israeli decision-making,” writes Nahal Toosi, Erin Banco, and Lara Seligman at Politico.

“The message is being conveyed indirectly, the person said. The U.S. doesn’t engage Hezbollah one-on-one because it is a designated terrorist organization, and it relies on public communications or intermediaries.”

Coincidentally, the US has moved to mandatory registration to draft for women and men. The was put into the last NDAA, but the Senate hasn’t yet approved it.

“Israel’s gotta do what they gotta do,” a Defense Department official said. The person has anonymity. It’s another unnamed source.

Fine, Israel does, but do we have to get involved beyond weaponry? Israel can handle this. I support Israel, but we can’t get involved in any more wars.

We have Hezbollah within our borders as we speak. CLOSE THE DAMN BORDER!

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