Parts of DJT Gag Order Lifted, Merchan’s a Threat to Democracy


Donald Trump’s attorneys asked Judge Merchan to lift the unconstitutional gag order, but Matthew Colangelo, the FBI bigwig who took a stunning demotion to run Donald Trump’s trial, asked to keep the gag order in place to protect the trial.

The trial is over, but not for Colangelo.

CNN reported that Merchan partially lifted the gag order.

Donald Trump can now speak about Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels, and other witnesses, but not the corrupt prosecutors, court staff, or family members.

Who is this judge to take away a former president’s First Amendment rights, even as his daughter made a killing on the trial?

The new order Tuesday also lifts the bar on public statements about jurors but notes that disclosing any personally identifying information of any juror is still prohibited.

In other words, if they’re all Democrats, he has to keep it to himself.

Judge Merchan, the presiding judge in the trial, ruled on Tuesday. When he rolled back parts of the order, he stated that the ‘circumstances have now changed. Trump was convicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records last month.

Be prepared; communist Judge Merchan wants Donald Trump to lose. He might send him to prison. He’s completely biased. Merchan kept him off the campaign trail, and Democrats expended his campaign funds.

Democrats want him in prison, and Merchan is their corrupt judge.

The judge and the jury hated Donald Trump. That was obvious.

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