D-Day With Uncle Joe


Once and for all, I will say this again. Uncle Joe’s problem isn’t that he is old. He has dementia and brain damage from surgeries for two brain aneurysms. Also, he wasn’t born all that bright and is a congenital liar. When he got into the Senate, he did it with his dear Dixiecrat segregationist friends. He talked fondly of the moronic segregationists (Democrats) throughout his life. These are the people who caused our current racial problems.

Joe Biden tried to sit during a ceremony honoring D-Day in Normandy. Don’t worry; he’s not confused at all. Democrats assure us he’s sharp as a tack in private. Oh, wait, the Wall Street Journal investigated and found he’s as dull as a potato.

Here’s Donald Trump’s message.

Instead of honoring those who died for our freedom, Uncle Joe trashes Russia with numbers from somewhere. It’s 80 years since D-Day, a remarkable and devastating day of enormous sacrifice, and he’s using it to politicize his agenda.

This next clip is funny. Uncle Joe is worried about democracy (socialism) when he is the biggest threat to it ever in our history.

Here he is resting.

These two idiots want to get us into war with nuclear Russia. Joe has dementia, what’s Emanuel’s excuse.

Why is she rushing him away? What happened?

I want some of what this guy is sniffing.

Hannity asks Donald Trump if Uncle Joe has dementia. People say Joe is too old for the job. They only say ‘old’ because it’s euphemistic for senile.

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