Savage Exposes Mayorkas in the Worst Scam in US History


Yesterday, we posted Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitting that the latest executive order isn’t stopping illegal immigration but just slowing it down so it becomes orderly.

“Our goal is to drive people who seek and need humanitarian relief into the lawful, safe, and orderly pathways that we have built. And so individuals who arrive at our border and cross illegally will be barred from asylum with exceptions,” Mayorkas said.

Rob Schmitt had David Savage on Newsmax to discuss this destruction of our border, culture, politics, and economy.

The immigration scam is the greatest tyrannical scam in our history. The globalists are making billions of dollars off this. Savage delves into Mayorkas’s corruption. He has ties to one of the organizations that is making a fortune off it – The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS).

The so-called religious organizations are the worst culprits.

The globalists are selling us off to make money and turn us into a poor society where everyone obeys and all are equal, equal in misery.


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