Daily Mail Writes a Vicious Hit Piece About Kari Lake


The Daily Mail is bashing Kari Lake, who is now a senatorial candidate. They called her an “ultra-MAGA wannabe lawmaker” and said she “stops claiming the 2020 election was stolen as she begins Senate campaign after disastrous Arizona’s governor’s bid.” They also called her “far right.”

The article was a hit piece – obviously.

The left-wing media hates strong women. The American Left are communists, but she’s far right? Anyone who doesn’t agree with them is far right and an enemy.

The election was fixed. I don’t know if Donald Trump would have won. No one does, but I believe he would have. There was corruption in so many ways that you couldn’t really nail them.

There was corruption in the media, from browser searches to propaganda to Hunter’s laptop. The machines are sketchy, and ballot harvesting, mail-in balloting, and Zuckerboxes are all corrupt. There was so much more.

As for her being ultra-maga wannabe, she was close to winning. It was hardly disastrous. Disastrous is Katie Hobbs, who is allowing millions of anonymous people to pour over Arizona’s borders.

There were many problems with the Arizona election in 2022, beginning with long lines to no signature verification.

Kari Lake must frighten them, and that alone should make us want to support her.


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