Damn! Podcaster Tim Pool Nuked Gettr Over Free Speech


GETTR CEO Jason Miller looked pretty bad after showing up on a livestream with podcaster Tim Pool on Wednesday.

Pool, who said he knows little about Nick Fuentes and his alleged army of ‘Groypers’, asked Miller why he was banned. Miller came totally unprepared and couldn’t answer the question. Actually, what he did say suggested that if people don’t say what Gettr wants to hear, they are gone.

There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that Fuentes committed terms of service violations.

Fuentes is an easy mark because he’s banned everywhere for whatever reason.

“Our viewpoint is your Free Speech rights really extend up to the point to where they start to infringe on someone else’s rights, whether that be their safety, whether that be keeping them protected from racial or religious epithets, making sure that no one is out there suggesting or trying to get people to act on illegal behavior,” Miller said.

Pool agrees with that but he still didn’t say what Fuentes did wrong.

“I’ve not listened to Nick Fuentes. I don’t know a lot about him. I know that he’s been banned across the board. I know he’s had trouble getting on planes… So, it’s really difficult for me to understand exactly what he did wrong. The issue for me is when I ask you, you don’t seem to know either,” Pool said.

“Look, I’m going to say on this that you’re not going to make everyone happy when you’re running a social media platform. And people are going to have different opinions,” Miller said as he stammered through a weak response.

At one point, Pool said, “It sounds like you are way more strict than Twitter.”

While Gab has some creepy people on it, that’s free speech and you can block them. Gab is doing a lot better than Gettr or Parler who caved to the masters of Apple and Google. Donald Trump’s Truth Social is planning to follow Gab’s example of not relying on the Left for anything.

Companies that pretend to support free speech but rely on the Left for their existence or play games with numbers won’t survive. Gettr has been accused of padding numbers for some high-profile people. Joe Rogan called Gettr Fugazi and wants out Parler seems to be only for the famous conservative.

The Similar Web analysis shows which ones have the most users:
  • Gab 18.53 million
  • MeWe 9.76 million
  • Gettr 5.75 million
  • Parler 1.92 million
  • Clouthub 578,000

Gettr claims they will protect free speech and will be the “rocket ship” and the Twitch.

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Proud American
Proud American
1 year ago

Yes, as a prior poster pointed out: Fuentes is not a fan of Israel. This is where he goes wrong.

Freedom of speech does not extend to viciously attacking the Jewish people, or questioning their right to do business and fight for their lives.

The Jews have existed and endured for far longer than “free speech”. If one Jew is going to be endangered by free speech, it simply isn’t worth it. Fuentes likes to bring up the USS LIberty, which was a tragic mistake, and thinks that our greatest ally — Israel — doesn’t deserve the money we send them.

Sorry. I don’t support hatespeech. Nor does Steve Bannon!

Sticks and Stones
Sticks and Stones
1 year ago

Free speech is a construct of the white male capitalist imperialism and the historic happytalk czar will decide what is allowed to be spoken.
Note that offensive speech is what is to be protected under the first amendment because they will get around to your G rated “polite” speech in due time.
Truth fears no investigation and the dermis has grown thick over they years of living in the open air mental asylum of the universe, words don’t hurt.

1 year ago

Fuentes was taken off RSBN because he couldn’t do a show without blaming Israel each episode. It’s no surprise from Pool with his Own Anti-Semite sitting at his table.