WHO’s Chief Scientist: No Evidence Kids Need COV Boosters


Biden and liberal city leaders are doubling down on vaccinating and giving boosters to children. They’re even looking at vaccinating children under 5 years of age (mandates to follow). However, if they followed the science, they would stop pushing them for children.

At the same time, The Who says there is NO EVIDENCE children and adolescents need COVID boosters.

WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan said Tuesday “there’s no evidence right now” that suggests healthy children and adolescents need booster shots to supplement their Covid-19 vaccinations.

Swaminathan said the agency’s advisory group will meet to consider how countries should think about giving booster shots.

“The aim is to protect the most vulnerable, to protect those at highest risk of severe disease and dying, those are our elderly population, immunocompromised with underlying conditions and also health care workers,” Swaminathan said WHO media briefing.

Follow the science! Dump the boosters.

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