Lee Zeldin Gets Anti-Semitic Death Threat On Campaign Sign in New York


Lee Zeldin Gets Anti-Semitic Death Threat

On Campaign Sign in New York

by James S. Soviero

Sadly, death threats aimed at Republican Lee Zeldin, that have included both his family and volunteers, are not new.  Four years ago, while running for reelection to Congress, a man who attempted to back his car over a campaign worker, threatened the lives of Trump and Zeldin supporters.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed the sitting congressman had been receiving death threats since Donald Trump was elected.  

The latest rearing of that ugly pattern took place over the weekend on Long Island. 

The campaign said Sunday, that just days before his party’s primary election, a vandal scrawled menacing and anti-Semitic graffiti on a Long Island lawn sign supporting GOP gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin.

The hateful message — which included a swastika and the number 187 — was found on a sign in a yard in Huntington, Suffolk County, the congressman’s home turf.

Zeldin’s team pointed out the number 187 is the California penal code for murder — and “has been universally adopted as a common death threat.”

In 2018, after the first incident was made public, Lee tweeted, “In the US, political scores are settled at the ballot box, not by trying to kill your political opponents.”

Apparently not something radical, violent leftists and Trump haters agree with. 


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James Lengel
James Lengel
1 year ago

Idiot who painted the swastika didn’t know how to paint it correctly. Typical leftist loony.