Netherlands, Germany, Austria Go Back to Coal!


The Dutch joined Germany and Austria in reverting to coal power on Monday following an energy crisis provoked by the sanctions the West placed on Russia, France 24 reports. The sanctions are aimed at isolating Russia after they invaded Ukraine.

Italy already said they were firing up the coal power stations.

Coal mining – coal miner in the man hands of coal background.

The EU gave up its clean nuclear power and signed up for gas and oil from Russia. Then they sanctioned Russia’s oil and gas and are now going back to coal.

Okay, then. So much for their clean energy.

The Netherlands said it would lift all restrictions on power stations fired by coal. They had been limited to a third of output.

Berlin and Vienna made similar announcements on Sunday as Moscow cuts gas supplies to energy-starved Europe.

“The cabinet has decided to immediately withdraw the restriction on production for coal-fired power stations from 2002 to 2024,” Dutch climate and energy minister Rob Jetten told journalists in The Hague.

The French government wants to replace Russian oil by allowing sanctioned crude from the terrorist nations of Iran and Venezuela to return to the global market, news agencies reported on Monday, citing President Emmanuel Macron’s office, according to Reuters.

But what are the greenies saying? Catastrophe?

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1 year ago

The price of coal is up 160% and the price of gas 76%. I guess these geniuses opted for the best deal? Our EU masterminds know that Russia is a huge exporter of coal ans a lot of it comes from the Donbas area which they now occupy 100%. I guess these strategic geniuses just love to fill the Kremlin’s coffers? Could they be getting a paycheck from Putin? If not, they really need to ask.