Where’s Joe Biden?


Octogenarian Joe Biden hasn’t been seen publicly since Monday night when he hosted a reception celebrating Eid-al-Fitr. His next public appearance is next Wednesday.

Yesterday, a New York Times reporter asked Karine Jean-Pierre where Biden is and what he’s been doing for two days.

“By the time the President appears at a dinner tonight, it will have been about 48 hours since he’s had a public appearance, so what has he been doing in that time?” New York Times reporter Katie Rogers asked Karine Jean-Pierre.

“He’s been meeting with – having internal meetings in the Oval Office,” Karine Jean-Pierre said.

Give me a break. Nothing is going on.

With this bombshell about him offering policy changes for personal financial gain, he should be hiding.

Reports say he lightened his [already incredibly light] schedule.

He has been worse than usual this past week.

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