Damning Evidence of Joe Biden Corruption In Romania


Republicans in the House Oversight Committee issued subpoenas to four banks in an investigation into foreign payments to the Biden family. They uncovered 20 Biden-affiliated companies created while Joe was Vice President. The money was to enrich the Biden family through connections to foreign governments and entities he was overseeing. Most damning of all was the evidence they have of corruption with a wealthy Romanian citizen, later convicted of bribery.

This investigation is about Joe Biden, not Hunter.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer alleged this morning that the Biden family was paid $10 million, with Hunter Biden specifically making millions.

Additionally, Chinese nationals affiliated with the Bidens created limited liability companies, and the ownership was then transferred back to Chinese companies. The records clearly point to the Biden family and its associates’ attempts to conceal business dealings and payments from the Chinese and other foreign governments.

Comer noted that Hunter Biden and his company targeted countries for work that correlated directly with work Joe Biden was doing as Vice President.

The Bidens received at least $10 million that Rep. Comer knows of. Hunter and eight other Bidens were involved in sixteen shell companies that PROFITED FROM POLICY INITIATIVES that Joe Biden oversaw for the Obama administration.


Most foreigners involved were Chinese nationals, but the damning evidence is tied to Romania.

Comer noted that in 2015, Biden forcefully spoke out against Romanian corruption while his family received large sums from a wealthy Romanian citizen convicted of corruption, specifically bribery. The payments ended when Biden left office!

This Is How It Went Down

The corrupt Romanian businessman wired money to Biden business associate Rob Walker. Walker then transferred money from his business account to his personal account. After that, he paid Hunter Biden.

Biden’s son Hunter received the money at a bank account that was not his professional corporation, Owasco P.C. Yet he allegedly performed professional services.

Hunter Biden, Hallie Biden, and an unknown Biden each received funds that originated from this Romanian businessman who was convicted of bribery.

There is some damning evidence here. You can read the entire overview and view the documents at the House Oversight Committee.

Shortly before he appeared to influence peddle, he lectured Romanians about the dangers of corruption.

Hypocrisy, to this degree, seems criminal.

The Bidens never registered as foreign agents in violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA).


Great clips from Maze Moore.

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6 months ago

We knew the Democrat Government is Corrupt. Now you have Hard Evidence of Treason. Where are the Articles of Impeachment? The only way America will avoid Civil War at this point is if the Congress Acts.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
6 months ago

Comer’s job is not to get in front of cameras. His job is to hold hearings, which include subpoenas, criminal referrals, defunding and impeachment votes. Since the DOJ is not prosecuting major crimes, DOJ officials should be called in and impeached for inaction. Comer is not following his oath. Hunter and Jim have not been called in. Epps has not been called in. The GOP is not on the side of America.

There are about $2.5 billion in investment funds from foreigners to the Bidens.

The GOP has a major chance in 2017-2018 to take on the corrupt DOJ, and they decided not to. I accept no more pretense from these people.

6 months ago

So many crimes and nothing comes of it. Wake me up when he’s led out of the WH in handcuffs. By the way, he will pardon his son Hunter along with other family members. All these republican investigations are for show. They are corrupt too.