Dan Bongino Leaves “Anti-American” Twitter


Dan posted his final post on Twitter. He is now posting on Parler. As he said, Twitter is “anti-American.” They are opposed to the 1st Amendment.

He called out the tech tyrants as “destructive” and “the greatest threats to liberty.” They acted as “publishers in their ongoing wars on conservatives & free speech.”

Dan is a real American patriot. These corporations are all anti-American and pro-technocracy.

Dan Bongino had a friend post after he was banned for 12 hours simply for posting the President’s video.

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3 years ago

THIS should be the test case for the harmful, manipulative effects of social media on the mental health of the population. Certainly there are all kinds of family problems, but Never before has there been an entity that had such power, with their manipulative algorithms, to destroy the public at large. How many have died on account of the undue influence of Tech companies and profiting off their misery. By allowing targeting and doxxing it has put the entire nation in danger. They are, in effect, a public health danger no different than asbestos.


3 years ago

People should go back and review the Joe Rogan podcast with @Jack, along with his legal advisor, I believe, and along with Tim Pool. BLM Jack admitted there is a “protected” class that cannot be attacked in any shape, manner or form, even if it’s against science. Even though there are political differences only one side would be allowed. It basically amounted to BLM Jack wanting the people to have a “better experience” on the platform.

What the people are not told was revealed by a former Facebook executive, who later retracted his concerns when Zuck went into partnership with him for a different venture. The “construct” which has permeated all of social media was designed to be psychologically “addictive”. It was accomplished by the addition and use of “shares” and “likes”. Zuck was warned this could cause devastating consequences on people’s mental health. It was nevertheless adopted, and now we are reaping the consequences.

The human being has a natural tendency to being “liked” and most people withdraw if the opposite happens. It can also be where a person will go to extremes to be liked. What social media has been doing is manipulating people with their “likes” etc. When I first came across Facebook I immediately realized how the system was trying to manipulate people. For that reason I never considered using that platform. My sister has determined the platform isn’t worth it and deleted all her accounts. There was some very minor points of this in Congressional hearings but the subject was quickly changed.

Build Wakanda Back Better
Build Wakanda Back Better
3 years ago

Morale was starting to sag and then I found some celebrity twit tweets praising comrade Stacy Abrams from something calling itself a Ruffalo or a Donofrio.
The laughter was legendary as these legends in their own minds were all over her codpiece like static cling.
If my dopey video games sibling can see that this society is destroyed then you can bet that it is.
There is nothing left worth saving (h/t-Victor Davis Hanson) so save yourself and fam if you can.
Yes you will!