Dan Bongino spoke to people close to Joe Biden


Dan Bongino, who often gets scoops, says people he knows close to Biden’s situation warn that his mental state is getting worse. They say his “decline is rapidly worsening and is becoming difficult to mask.” They will “have to make a decision soon.”

It is obvious to those of us paying attention that he is on the decline. While that is sad, it’s sadder still that Democrats and Biden’s family are attempting to convince us he is okay. If they do have to make a decision, it better be soon. The convention is August 17-20. It can’t be after that. Will Hillary or Michelle or Cuomo step in? That could be the plan. President Trump wouldn’t have time to vet the person publicly.

The Resistance feels a wrong has to be righted — Hillary is the rightful president.

Then again, keeping Joe in the basement has worked strategically. That might work until November with all the help they get from Democrats and their media.

People needn’t feel sorry for Joe and blame his wife for allowing him to put himself out publicly. He wants to do it and most Americans still don’t know he’s suffering from dementia. Then there is the cheating with mail-in voting and ballot harvesting. Trump can’t win if they cheat.

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