Dan Bongino steps back from the day-to-day Parler operation


We reported recently about a clash between Dan Bongino, The National File, and Gab CEO Andrew Torba. Dan Bongino suggested Torba planted a story in The National File that harmed Parler.

The story was about support by Mark Meckler, the new acting Parler CEO, for the Article V Convention. The National File felt the story was worthy of publication. While many conservatives support the Convention of the States, the Sentinel strongly does not. In any case, it’s a matter of opinion.

Bongino was angry about the story and believes it suggested Parler was tied to Soros.

“Whenever Parler has even a little bit of success, getting back online, you will notice a story about Parler being owned by George Soros, operated by George Soros,” Bongino said. “It appears every time Parler has some degree of success. It’s a scam run by an unethical competitor,” he added.

Torba responded, noting that he had “nothing to do” with the “excellent” reporting from National File, and said it was a “shame” that Bongino had resorted to “baseless” attacks rather than dealing with the questions posed by the article.

The National File also came back with a rebuttal, explaining the story was simply worthwhile.


That takes us to this past Wednesday. Bongino said on his podcast that he is “no longer involved really with the day-to-day” running of Parler.

“I’m sorry, I’ve got a lot going on in my life,” Bongino said, but confirmed that he is still an investor in Parler, and will “remain such for as long as I want my money and assets tied up in there.”

“I still think… that it is a great alternative to the tech tyrants at Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere… It’s nothing personal, it’s just, I just can’t folks. I’ve got a lot going on in my life. It’s really that simple. I’ve got too many things to do… I’m not abandoning them or anything like that, I just have to get control over my life a little bit. There’s a lot going on right now. So I am not involved in the day-to-day.”

Bongino is still an investor.

He also said he doesn’t know the new CEO and knows nothing about him. The Soros ties got him worked up. No one at Parler is tied to Soros, he added.

The National File article didn’t say Parler was. The article they published indicated that an Article V Convention would allow Soros to rewrite the Constitution. The Sentinel agrees, but who are we to say.

The National File reports the main owner, Rebekkah Mercer is taking over more and more. She is now pulling the strings. As she is taking control, Bongino is stepping back.

On the other hand, Dan does have a lot going on. He is fighting cancer, has a family, runs a podcast, and appears on Fox.

The Sentinel supports Parler, Dan Bongino, The National File, and Gab. God bless freedom and they are all on the same side.  We see a lot of growing pains. Also, the Article V Convention is a sore topic. The wonderful Mark Levin supports it, and we support him, but even Mark could be mistaken. People have to decide for themselves.

Go to about 54:00:

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