Dan Bongino’s Perfect Response to MSM’s Odd Reaction to SOTU


The MSM did not like the President’s State of the Union speech seeking to unify the nation. That was a given. They decided to not like it before he gave it and were well-prepared to demonize every aspect of it.

If you want to know what the MSM is saying, read the next section. If you only want to hear Dan Bongino’s perfect response to them, skip to the end.


Communist VanJones said the President’s speech was “sweet-tasting candy filled with poison.” What he was referring to was the President condemning MS-13. He believes it paints all Dreamers as MS-13. Democrats think all Dreamers without exception are wonderful. The MS-13 he was speaking about weren’t even Dreamers. They were unvetted, unaccompanied minors.

VanJones lied and said there were only 39 Dreamers who were problematic. In fact, it was over 2,000 last year alone. In any case, the President isn’t smearing all Dreamers.

The talking heads portrayed the speech as something it was not.

Washington Post put up a positive frontpage tweet which was harshly criticized by their readers. So they changed it.

Their new cover.

The New York Daily News showed how hateful and downright evil they are.

Soros-funded Politifact made him into a liar with their usual slippery, one-sided distortions under the guise of fact-checking.


Former Secret Service agent don Bongino responds in this clip. IT’S PERFECT! You will want to listen to this:

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