Dan Crenshaw Calls Out Maxine Waters for Disgracefully Siding with Iran


Nothing like starting off the week with a Maxine Waters hissy fit. The one this week was unique in that she sided with Iran. Fortunately, we have Dan Crenshaw to call the traitorous woman out.

Dan Crenshaw called out House Finance Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters over a tweet where she took the side or our enemy Iran, claiming the drone shot down by the Iranians was over its airspace.

“Trump, you get no credit for so-called stopping the strike against Iran. Why was the unmanned drone in Iran’s airspace? Why the surveillance? Don’t provoke and then pretend innocence,” the 80-year-old California Democratic congresswoman said Sunday night.

Crenshaw, a Republican representative from Texas and former Navy SEAL, said Waters was siding with Iran to attack President Trump, which is true. It’s also true that she would support our enemies no matter what.

Crenshaw wrote, “This is a shocking comment from a House Committee Chairwoman. She is literally repeating the lies of the Iranian regime. What a disgrace. Maxine Waters’ hate for Trump runs so deep that she is willing to take Iran’s side over the word of our military.”

Waters went into one of her twitter hate storms.

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