Dana White on the Media: “the dumbest know nothing, do nothing… on planet earth”


Dana White went ballistic on the media, and it seemed like a good time to ask you what you think.

“If the media tells you you’ve got something that’s gonna fail, it’s definitely gonna win,” Dana White began. “The media is the dumbest know nothing, do nothing, never built nothing mothers on planet earth. So when they say it isn’t going to work, you got a home run man, you know what I mean? Jump in and grind.

“The media, these guys, think about who these people are. When you really think about the media, who are they? Where did they come from? Why does their opinion matter? What have they ever done? What have they ever created, what have they ever built? Who’s ever depended on a paycheck from the media? Nobody! They are a bunch of f***king zeros that sit around and write stories about people who are actually doing s***.”

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
3 months ago

I know almost nothing about him other than he just signed a contract with Bud Light which makes me…well not like him much…

3 months ago

I have zero respect for this trashy individual who has gotten rich by promoting people into beating each others brains out. He just signed a deal with Bud Light. Money is everything to him. He has no morals. Same with Kid Rock. Two shameless self promoters. I wish Trump would dump these two creeps and start hanging around with people who have morals and are respected. Trump I think is just a terrible judge of character but he’s all we got.