The FBI Is “Corrupted from the Top” and “Pretty Deep Down”


When Barack Obama was in office – during his first term, I remember one military officer saying the far left is so deeply embedded in the Pentagon that it would take ten years to alter the direction. That didn’t simply happen to the Pentagon. It was every agency. When Obama and Biden hired far-left administrators, they, in turn, hired far-left employees.

When the FBI first started to slide.

Confirmation came from Mayor Giuliani in his conversation with Eric Bolling. Mayor Giuliani began by saying the Left is dividing us on race, and it’s a communist tactic.

Later in the interview, Bolling asked, “What’s happened to our three letter agencies, DOJ, IRS, FBI, ATF, Mr. Mayor.”

“It’s really sad because that’s an agency (FBI); I have to tell you I loved it from the time I was a kid. I wanted to be an FBI agent…

“…one of the proudest awards I have is G-man of the year, 2015.

“It’s been corrupted entirely from the top, and it isn’t just, unfortunately, a little bit at the top; it’s gotten pretty down into the organization. Those Gestapo tactics that they use for white-collar busts, I mean, that’s absurd. You go to arrest the guy for trespassing, and you’re dressed up like special forces or the Gestapo and got machine guns. I mean, we didn’t use that for the Mafia – fifty agents to find one guy for January 6th.”

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3 months ago

No duh!

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 months ago

Gangrene has already been embedded…the stench is becoming obnoxious…