Danger Signs for Taiwan


Danger Signs for Taiwan

China Defense spokesman said on Wednesday that The People’s Liberation Army of China is “ready to counter foreign meddling” of the US and Japan as they try to declare the island “an independent nation.”

“The more the United States and Japan make waves on the Taiwan question, the tougher actions we will take to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the military spokesman, Wu Qian, told Chinese media.

He said the military supported the goal of peaceful reunification with the island, but “will never tolerate the ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces to split the motherland.” The official blamed the leadership of Taiwan for the ongoing escalation of tensions around it.

Does this sound like a CCP plan now that the US is bogged down and ineffective in Ukraine (post-Afghanistan)?

There are prominent Americans encouraging Taiwan to declare independence, but Blinken told his Chinese counterpart that the US “opposes Taiwan independence”.

Pompeo tweeted this but he mustn’t have noticed that the US isn’t able to support anyone right now:


RT speculates that China “might follow Moscow’s example and try to take over Taiwan by force.”

Speaking about the potential for an armed conflict in Taiwan on Thursday, its Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng predicted that after such a war, “everyone will be miserable, even the victors.”

“Taiwan’s future lies in the peaceful development of cross-strait relations and in the realization of national reunification,” he said. “Taiwan will eventually return to the embrace of the motherland.”

Yi said the purpose of the US policy in the region is to “create an Indo-Pacific version of NATO,” the Chinese minister asserted. It runs counter to the desire of regional nations to “seek peace, development, cooperation and win-win outcomes” and will spell “a disaster that disrupts regional peace and stability,” Yi warned.

An Indo-Pacific NATO with tiny little Taiwan? Not likely.


Col. Wu Qian of The Peoples Liberation Army blamed Taiwan’s ruling pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party, adding, “The more the United States and Japan make waves on the Taiwan question, the tougher actions we will take to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the AP reported.

Taiwan’s defense minister Chiu Kuo-cheng told reporters on Thursday that a war with China would be a disaster for all and has to be carefully thought over.

“If you really went to war, it would be disastrous for all,” Chiu said. Taiwan’s defense establishment “watches and listens but we keep our mouths shut. We are following developments and preparing ourselves but we don’t openly discuss or debate.”

Wu also defended the defense budget increase, saying China has “maintained reasonable and steady growth to tackle complex security challenges and fulfill China’s responsibility as a major country.”

An advisor of China’s ceremonial legislature Zhang Liangqi said new legislation was needed to target those promoting Taiwan’s formal and permanent independence from China, separate since 1949.

The CCP is staging military flights over Taiwan’s airspace as a warning.

The warnings have intensified since the Russian invasion.

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Post World World
Post World World
1 year ago

Remember when the immaculate Hussein (the One!) was carrying the Post-American world book on the tarmac?
There is your CPUSA domestic policy, with the former republic delivered to the external globocommunists.

The Temple Of Foam Columns
The Temple Of Foam Columns
1 year ago

The fake and gay rainbow flag will be along to save them, after they liberate Ukraine and build Wakanda.
Enjoy what you voted for CPUSA true believers and don’t hide your Harris/Biden schwag, own the FAIL, live it, love it, learn it, know it.

1 year ago

With this illegitimate incompetent woke administration anything can happen. They only thing can can successfully do with their compliant fake news media as their mouthpiece is to find someone else to blame.