Dangerous Alliance Threatens to Make the US Poor Overnight


China brokered a deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran in a geopolitical transfer of power away from the United States. Saudi Arabia is also eager to join BRICS, thereby abandoning the dollar, and leaving the United States poor overnight.

Joe Biden alienated the Saudis by calling for the Royal family to depose the Prince. They claimed the Prince was responsible for the death of a media propagandist, Jamal Khashoggi, who was trying to launch a coup against the Royal family. Then, last summer, he went to Saudi Arabia and fist-bumped the Prince he tried to depose. He attempted to get an increased oil supply since he won’t let us drill our own. The Prince wasn’t buying it.

China steps in where the US treads and fails.

China secured a deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran. The two nations will reopen embassies and missions within two months and hold a summit soon between their foreign ministers.

They are no longer enemies, and the United States is out.

Crown Prince Salman

The Wall Street Journal Report

The deal, which comes after other unsuccessful attempts by Iraq and others to mend fences, marks a diplomatic victory for Beijing in a region where the U.S. has long dominated geopolitics.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are major suppliers of oil to China and have sought closer economic ties, but the agreement is the first time Beijing has weighed in so heavily on the region’s rivalries.

The agreement was hammered out in secret in Beijing between top Saudi and Iranian officials over several days, Iranian state-aligned media reported. It comes three months after Chinese leader Xi Jinping met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in December in Riyadh and follows Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s trip to Beijing last month.

BRICS is next

As we’ve reported, Saudi Arabia is looking to join BRICS now that Biden has weaponized SWIFT, and no one can trust the US or Europe. Once Saudi Arabia joins BRICS, we will be poor overnight. We need the petrodollar. It’s why we’ve been able to print money.

Biden better start drilling. Alaska could pump 2 million barrels a day through the pipeline, and they are only pumping 375,000 a day. We are going to be in terrible financial straits, which is another reason why we can’t go to war.

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11 months ago

Stolen elections have disastrous consequences. The enemy of America now sits in our white house. Giving away hundreds of billions of our tax dollars every month to other countries while Americans face starvation, destroying our economy, giving away hundreds of billions of dollars worth of our military equipment and weapons, weakening our military, the rise in crime and chaos, deadly fentanyl by the tons being brought in to kill tens of thousands of Americans every year, destroying the innocence of children with sexual perversion in our schools, IT’S ALL BEING DONE ON PURPOSE, destroying America from within like a cancer. If the people do not organize a revolution soon, America will be gone forever. No way of ever getting it back. Terror, mass murder, famine, and concentration camps are what we have to look forward to. The enemy now sits in our white house.

11 months ago

All by Design..

11 months ago

Sow the wind. Reap the whirlwind.