Dangerous BLM UK leader Sasha Johnson shot, critically injured.


Black Lives Matter UK leader Sasha Johnson is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being shot in London. A shooting is unusual. There aren’t very many guns in London.

She rose in prominence last year for her advocacy of the creation of an armed black militia, the abolishment of police, and the overthrowing of capitalism, Andy Ngo reported.


We wrote about her this past January. She’s dangerous. Johnson created a new party, the Taking the Initiative Party (TTIP), that excludes white people from leadership roles. She has tweeted about ‘enslaving whites’. Johnson is an intersectional leftist.

The UK radical self-describes as the Black Panther of Oxford, reports The Daily Mail.

Johnson has called for ‘Holocaust-style’ reparations for all black people and a sex offenders-style ‘race offense register.’

She has branded Labour MPs David Lammy and Diane Abbott ‘tokenistic’ for not adhering to her particular radical beliefs or having more power in parliament.

TTIP hasn’t laid out the specific offenses that would warrant inclusion on the registry but said people who had merely been “accused” would be included.

Anyone who disagrees with Johnson has been a target of her cruelty. Over the summer, videos were posted showing her repeatedly calling a black man a racial slur because he disagreed with her, suggesting he would end up on her own registry. She has also discussed enslaving white people on her Instagram account.

In addition to her work for TTIP, Johnson also works with a U.K. organization called the New Black Panthers Party “and has called for the establishment of a ‘black militia’ in the UK,” the Mail reported.



  1. If this site had up votes you’d get mine. If Johnson croaks I will not mourn that heathen hooligans passing.

  2. TTIP needs TP for its bunghole.
    Didn’t the feds infiltrate the panthers back in the seeds of Western Civ destruction days of the 1960s?
    Reminds me of the Mystery Babylon Bee snark of the shouting man with the caption…man who agrees with corporations, media, government, thinks he is a member of the resistance.

  3. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

    There’s nothing lost if she dies from her violent Marxist Black-nazi game!

    No sympathy given, no sympathy deserved!

    There is no competition to a capitalistic democracy.
    History has shown that time and time again.
    Sure we can work to do it better, but there’s no sustainable alternatives.

    Socialism and communism should be banned like we have banned NS and nazism.

  4. London and a lot of other places in 21st Century UK has an increasing number of Islamic males who devoutly believe that women should keep their mouths shut. Am going to wager to say that she made threats against non-African Muslims and one of them was in a position to quietly order a fatwa against her. The UK isn’t like the US. Those Bobby’s don’t carry side arms and will most likely step aside if a female BLM spokesperson says something against the wrong Muslim male. Even the Mayor of London is a Muslim from what I understand and it wouldn’t surprise me if one of his goons took a shot at her.

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