Dangerous Climate Change Lawsuit Still Moving Through the Courts


Fiery Earth caused by Apocalypse or Global Warming

A fraudulent lawsuit promoting the extreme mantra of climate change using kids as defendants is still moving its way through the courts. Three attempts by the government to stop it have failed.

These nuts don’t believe in science — they believe in politics in all things.

The case has forced the government to make admissions about the relationship between human activity and climate change, leaving much of the suit’s evidence uncontested, according to CBS News.

It’s one of the reasons courts have not dismissed it, according to a UCLA professor [although it was believed to be frivolous].

Another reason, says UCLA Professor of Environmental Law Ann Carlson, is its plaintiffs. “You have a number of kids who are very compelling plaintiffs who are experiencing the harms of climate change now and will experience the harms of climate change much more dramatically as they get older.”

They are props.

If the children win this lawsuit, which is backed by hard-left groups, the effect would be massive on America, according to Carlson.

Juliana v. the United States alleges the constitutional rights of the 21 plaintiffs are being denied by the government for continuing to promote fossil fuels, despite knowing of their link to climate change and its impact.

Olson selected the plaintiffs from 10 states. The youngest is 11-year-old Levi Draheim, who lives on a mile-wide barrier island in Florida. Walking along the beach near his home, the sixth-grader says he has a stake in climate change. “I fear that I won’t have a home here in the future… That the island will be underwater because of climate change.”

What a crock. The left loves to use children as tools of change. It’s a fake organic movement.


If the climate nutjobs win, the government will be forced to back extremist climate change.

But Carlson warns: “If the plaintiffs won, it’d be massive, particularly if they won what they’re asking for, which is get the federal government out of the business of in any way subsidizing fossil fuels and get them into the business of dramatically curtailing greenhouse gases in order to protect the children who are the plaintiffs in order to create a safe climate. That would be enormous.”

We all know where the left wants to take this — net-zero fossil fuels with a not-ready-for-market solar and wind energy systems. No hamburgers, no planes, and complete domination in every aspect of our lives.


Our Children’s Trust filed suit against the federal government in 2015 on behalf of 21 youths, aged 11 to 22, arguing their right to a “stable climate system” was being violated. The suit asks the court to order the government to issue laws and regulations to fight global warming.

Environuts immediately filed a petition asking the crazy District Court of Oregon to restart trial proceedings in light of the appeals court ruling.

Litigant Avery McRae has allegedly been worried about climate change since she was in kindergarten and we are to believe this came about naturally because she was a brilliant 5-year old. By the time she was 11, she decided to sue Donald Trump along with 21 other students for violating their constitutional rights by not doing enough about the weather changing.

The “organic” lawsuit has an array of old activists behind it.


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