Dangerous Colombian National Arrested in New Jersey


A dangerous Colombian killer was found in New Jersey just outside of New York in Newark. He is one of the millions of gotaways. How many more are there?

The insanity of Biden’s border policies is very apparent.

The individual, who had been convicted of homicide in his country of origin, escaped following a temporary authorized release. The logical thing was for him to go to open borders USA. You don’t even need ID to get in and travel into the interior of the United States.

The subject was sentenced to 22 years in prison in Colombia in 2011 and failed to return from a three-day furlough in 2018.

Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Newark pursued him in what the organization referred to as a “targeted enforcement action.”

ERO Newark arrested the criminal during a targeted enforcement action that focused on public safety and placed him in ICE custody, where he will remain pending removal proceedings. He was previously arrested by local law enforcement in New Jersey for the offenses of simple assault and making terroristic threats.

Following his detention, the individual was reportedly released from custody by New Jersey police.

He was arrested in New Jersey and then released even though he didn’t belong in the country.

In a statement, John Tsoukaris, director of the Newark ERO Field Office, described the individual as a danger to public safety and expressed gratitude to the agents who apprehended him.

“This is clearly a case of an individual with a very dangerous criminal history who poses a threat to the community,” Tsoukaris said.

He concluded, “Beyond the committed efforts of our officers, I’d like to thank U.S. Customs and Border Protection of New York/Newark, Office of Field Operations, for their assistance with the investigation that helped lead to the subject’s arrest.”


Texas troopers and soldiers are arresting illegal aliens for trespass. They say they are prepared to be arrested.

Former Governor of West Virginia Jim Justice joined the ever-growing numbers of Gov. Abbott supporters.

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Sick of it all
Sick of it all
25 days ago

Where is he now? Being held in a NJ prison or headed back to Columbia where they’d probably release him again? Trump was right, they’re emptying their prisons and sending them here.

25 days ago

Let me get this straight. Colombia gave him a three day pass before reporting for a 22 year sentence?? Did they give him a ride to the travel agency, too?? Was he given information as to what borders were easy to cross? Maps? Travel money? Cell phone? Welfare? OH, only after he got here. Biden gave him those.