Dark Truth About Biden’s Radical Agenda


Fox Business host Charles Payne said Democrats’ massive billion-dollar spending bill doesn’t actually do anything to address climate change Thursday on “Hannity.”

“Even if you love the climate issue itself, the president is lying to you. This bill does nothing on the climate side. What it means is we’re going to continue to strip mine the planet. We’re going to strip mine the planet and poison the waters. So, as you go along through the process, you have the materials you start to process, Russia takes a greater share – I mean, China takes a greater share. Then you do the cell components, China takes a greater share. And then you get the batteries; this is the most important part for you to remember. 

“When the White House talks about energy security, I guess they’re talking about those batteries. Right now, China has a 77% share; in a couple of years, they’ll have an 80% share. Our share will go from 9% to 6%. The only part of this equation that we play a role in is at the very end of it; we buy these things.


“We are not drilling a hole in the ground and going a few miles down and cracking rocks. We are stripping the planet and poisoning the waters and here’s the crazy thing, we just have to look to Europe. France and Germany, their electricity rates will be 1000% higher this winter. 1000% higher than the average price for the last ten years. There are costs to this it’s not magic fairy dust. We don’t just say ‘oh it’s just an EV’ like some democratic congresspeople believe. I am so glad I got an EV, I am not suffering. Of course, you are suffering and by the way, so is the small business that can no longer afford their electricity bill. This thing is absolutely devastating, all this is a money transfer to the richest Americans out there. Progressives who vote for Joe Biden, that is all this is.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this very corrupt Biden family leads the way to surrender the country to the elites at the expense of citizens.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Hannity has to cover the issue to help his precious RINOs in November.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 month ago

That “climate” thing is only beneficial for the money-grubbers and grasping hands.

1 month ago

Democrats know the end is near so they are robbing their children’s piggy bank.