Biden Crime Family Surrenders to Maoist China



This is a very interesting interview with Peter Schweizer discussing our surrender to China. China will have access and control over our energy sources when they finish dismantling fossil fuels and replacing them with solar panels and windmills. It’s fantasy to think alternative energy can substitute. Also, China will have a major role in making the equipment in windmills and solar panels.

The US will have total dependence on China.

In June, Presidentish Joe Biden invoked the Defense Production Act to support domestic solar panel component production . He stabbed domestic manufacturers in the back by announcing a two-year “bridge” that will stop the Department of Commerce from imposing new tariffs on solar panel component imports.

This isn’t a compromise solution as the president has claimed — it’s a victory for Chinese corporations

Biden allows American institutional investors tied to the Chinese Communist military to grab hold of our technology, a reversal of Trump’s bans.

Presidentish Biden is also ending tariffs on solar panels and battery materials making it impossible for the US to compete.

Again, Biden’s working it out so we will have total dependence on Communist China.

These are all giveaways with nothing in return.

We are moving from energy independence to dependence on China for our energy.


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2 months ago

The American people must be fine with what he is doing. I mean, you don’t see people protesting in the streets like they do in other countries, do you?

2 months ago
Reply to  lalasayswhat

Americans under 30 are too stupid to understand what is going on. You can blame the American school system and parents who look at school as daycare.

Revolution requires young people willing to fight for their future. Soon they will be fighting for survival just like the people in other countries.

William Wallace
William Wallace
2 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Most of the News doesn’t report it either..they keep telling us to protest that their is not enough LGBTQ bathrooms