DarkSide shut down? Who are they anyway?


“For the third day in a row, my local gas station is empty,” Wolf Blitzer tweet complained. The Biden cheerleader shouldn’t complain. He promoted the people responsible and he voted for this. Elections have consequences.

The Daily Mail reported that 90% of the D.C. gas stations are out of gas. This is despite Colonial pumping up deliveries.

Panic buying is emptying out the stations. The average national gasoline price climbed to almost $3.04 on Friday, which is the most expensive since October 2014, when Barack Obama was in office. Although, he is likely in the office again.

DarkSide, the newby ransomware hackers, claim they will shut down.  They claim they’re shutting down because of US government probes.

The cyber gang sent a message to partners overnight, according to cyber experts, claiming they had lost access to servers used for its web blog and to a cryptocurrency account it uses to pay affiliates in the wake of the Colonial attack.

“Servers were seized, the money of advertisers and founders was transferred to an unknown account,” the message read.

Is this legitimate? Our intel agencies can’t find a wy out of a paperbag.

The WSJ also reported DarkSide was shutting down. [For now].

Darksupp also reported cryptocurrency funds were withdrawn from the payment server and would be split between itself and its associates.

This is very suspicious. Over $5 million?


Natalya Kaspersky, the founder and former CEO of security software firm Kaspersky Lab, made an explosive suggestion in an interview with Russian state-owned domestic news agency RIA Novosti that CIA hackers were actually behind the Colonial Pipeline attack, reported RT News.

Kaspersky said the Umbrage team, which is part of the Remote Development Branch under the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence, can mask its hackers as outside ones and leave behind the “fingerprints” of the external hackers when it breaks into electronic devices.

WikiLeaks in 2017 shed light on the Umbrage team, Zerohedge reports. At the time, USA Today said CIA operatives “may have been cataloging hacking methods from outside hackers, including in Russia, that would have allowed the agency to mask their identity by employing the method during espionage.”

Kaspersky pointed out a list “of the countries under whose hacker groups this UMBRAGE is disguised – Russia, North Korea, China, Iran.” She claimed that “therefore, it cannot be said with certainty that a hacker group carried out the attack from Russia and that it was not a provocation made themselves from there, or from some other country.” 

For now, it’s just a conspiracy theory or a planted story by Russians trying to mess with us. It sounds like Russian disinformation, but Biden let them off the hook and said they had nothing to do with it. Really?

Do we know anything about DarkSide prior to this hack?

As of two days ago:

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