Jen Psaki says THESE future Dems are “what the American dream represents”


Jen Psaki says that DACA illegals who came here illegally at a young age with their illegal alien parents are “what the American dream represents.” She added that they are “part of the fabric of who we are.”

What she really means to say is they are future Democrats so put them on a quick path to citizenship. Citizens are not the fabric of who we are.

Many of the people coming illegally are actually destroying the American dream.

Former President Trump attempted to give the Dreamers amnesty but Democrats wouldn’t allow it. Democrats want to do it so Dreamers will be lifelong Democrat voters. All Democrats want is total control.

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2 years ago

A Democrat’s dream is a normal person’s nightmare! I want Government to leave me alone and have as little impact as possible on my life. Anytime Government has power, The People lose freedom.