Mac’s Public House protests tyrant Cuomo ruining lives in NY


On Tuesday, the co-owner of Mac’s Public House in Staten Island was dragged away in handcuffs for opening up during the pandemic. The worthless lockdowns forced on King Cuomo’s subjects are ruining lives and livelihoods. These owners and their staff need to make money.

The participants say this is communism.

If they wear masks and keep their distance, that should be sufficient.  Lockdowns were never a good idea. They are arbitrary and they don’t work.

Last night, a large crowd of several hundred gathered outside the pub which is blockaded by law enforcement. The owners and some people supporting the owners were fined. They even threatened the owner’s lawyer.

Communist Mayor de Blasio thinks stationing law enforcement at a bar with crime soaring is a good idea.

Protesters sang “God Bless America” as the rally’s 6 p.m. start time neared. The crowd also sang the chorus of “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” by Twisted Sister.

One man, Michael, a Westerleigh resident, carried an American flag upside down, a sign the nation is in distress.

“We are being subjugated by our own government,” he said.

There was a strong media presence.

“To me this is a revolution,” said Christine Salica of Westerleigh, a make-up artist who has been out of work since March. “[Gov. Andrew] Cuomo and his legislators are collecting our paychecks and they are putting us out of work.”

One man in the crowd yelled at the Sheriffs.

“I hope your pensions work,” he said. “You sold out your own people. You are enforcing the laws of the same guy who spits on you.”

Now if they were criminals, burned buildings, and threw bottles at cops, calling themselves Black Lives Matter, they wouldn’t be arrested or fined.

We need a lot more of this, the crowds need to be larger, and GoFundMe needs to be set up for every owner or worker willing to put themselves at risk.

Watch the clips:

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