Daughter of Putin’s Close Ally, Darya Dugina Was Assassinated


Alexander Dugin and his daughter.

Alexander Dugin is a Russian political philosopher, analyst, and strategist known for views some characterized as fascist. Others call him an ultra nationalist. Some in the West referred to him as “Putin’s brain” or “Putin’s philosopher,” Dugin is believed to have been the brains behind Russia’s annexation of Crimea. He allegedly planned the Ukraine war. His daughter was just assassinated, but he was the target.

VLADIMIR Putin’s “spiritual guide” Alexander Dugin narrowly escaped a fatal car bomb that blew up his sanctioned daughter, reports say.

The mystic, known as “Putin’s Rasputin,” switched cars last minute on Saturday while leaving an event he and Darya had attended as guests of honor.

According to the Russian news source Baza, Dugina was traveling home from the “Tradition” literary and musical festival when the explosion took place. She apparently only had the keys to the car for 10 minutes before the explosion.

Darya Dugina was sanctioned by the U.S. government in March for her involvement in Project Lakhta, a Kremlin-run influence operation. She had been vociferous in her support of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

She was a vociferous supporter of the Ukraine war and active in a movement promoting it which led to her being sanctioned by the West.

Darya Dugina was 29 years old.

The car his daughter was blown up in.

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