David A. Hearst: Stop the War! Stop!


This is an in-depth analysis of the Middle East war that David A. Hearst, Editor-in-Chief of the Middle East Eye, sees as a disaster for Israel and the entire Middle East. Listen to the end. His message is, “Stop the War,” calm things down, and negotiate peace. Mr. Hearst says you don’t want to see a regional war over land become a war between Islam and the West. [It’s more than that, but hear him out.]

There is little question that the Middle East is on the brink.

This crisis is growing, and everyone needs to look at it from all sides. You may not change your mind, but this will increase your understanding. That’s not to say Israel’s goal of defeating Hamas is wrong, but they also have to deal with Hezbollah, the Houthis, and Iran. At the same time, China and Russia are moving in to influence all of the Middle East.

Besides, our borders are wide open, and our leaders hide behind a man with dementia. Our enemies are pouring in, and our economy adds a trillion dollars in debt every three months.

We also don’t want our children and grandchildren fighting in the Middle East again. Who wants to see our children and theirs killed?

This analysis will make you think. The Sentinel strongly supports Israel, but at some point, the war will end. Deciding where that point will be is critical. We are dealing with nuclear war this time.

This is an analysis you won’t get anywhere else:

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