Guess What Happens When Trans Person Races in Girls’ Races


Watch the video of the boy who says he is a girl, thus a transgender, competing in the 200-meter race at the Sherwood Need for Speed Classic. He dominated and set the record, taking the win from a girl in the girl’s race. He left them in the dust.

Watch the clip:

A trans-identified male just dominated the Girls 200m Varsity at the Sherwood Need for Speed Classic in Sherwood, Oregon. Aayden Gallagher, a boy who “identifies” as a girl, set a new record after easily defeating his female competitors.

Aayden finished in 25.49 seconds. He set a new record. He did the same thing in the 400-meter race.

This will likely get him a spot in the state championships that a girl should have. This will ruin women’s sports.

Now is the time to end it. Girls have to refuse to race. There is no other way outside of lawsuits, which are expensive and have questionable rulings. If not, find a different dream.

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