Pew Research Has 10 Shades of Color for Us to Be Racist Over


On Thursday, the Pew Research Center published a survey looking at discrimination faced by Hispanics and Latinos according to skin color.

The Pew survey split Hispanics up into 10 categories of skin color, one being the lightest, and 10 being the darkest. The largest portion, 80 percent of respondents, identified with being lighter in color, categories one through four. 15 percent identified with a darker in tone, or five through 10. Five percent of survey takers did not respond to the question.

It suggests Hispanics are bigoted against darker-skinned Hispanics.

All skin colors are beautiful, and it’s a very unimportant immutable trait.

When the NY Times referenced a white Hispanic who took the life of a Black teen several years back, it was obviously done to cast a negative reflection on the ‘white Hispanic’. People laughed at it as an obvious attempt to make a Hispanic man into a white man. Now we have a survey looking at ten shades of color.

Some on Twitter asked what the point is of even doing this? To divide?

The results pointed to racism by shades of color with the educated saying skin color shapes their daily lives:

63 percent of those with some college experience or higher said their skin color shapes their daily life, versus 51 percent of high school graduates, and 53 percent of those without a high school diploma.

40 percent of Latinos and Hispanics that lean Republican said it shapes their daily life, while 68 percent of Democrats responded as such.

With CRT, 1619, tearing down statues of the Founding Fathers, the media, and college professors forcing everyone to see everything through a racial prism, could be the reason for those stats.

“Colorism is present in the US as well and has similarly impacted the lives of Hispanics, Black Americans, and Asian Americans, existing alongside racial discrimination. And it is similarly linked to a number of outcomes. For example, racism may impact both Hispanics of lighter skin and darker skin color, but Hispanics with darker skin may experience more discrimination,” Pew wrote.

They are pushing Marxist disparate outcome ideology.

Now we can worry about racism over shades of color. This seems divisive to us. What do you say? Please let us know in the comment section.

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