DC Dystopia: Dem insurrectionists, total lockdown, scared politicians


Some Democrat insurrectionists are in the Capitol yelling at the police, and there is an army of National Guard everywhere. Maybe the problem isn’t insurrectionists. Maybe it’s our government.

The man who shot Osama bin Laden mocked the elites who rule over us but hide under desks.

The message they’re trying to send is Donald Trump and his supporters did this. However, allegedly, there are more insurrectionists planning rallies in 50 states on Virtual Inauguration Day?

Are the elites manufacturing a Civil War to use it as an excuse to clamp down on our Civil Rights.


Democrat insurrectionists descend on DC screaming at the police:



  1. I’ve been listening to one of these ‘Q’ type NutJOBS. It’s no surprise the FBI along with the DOD are in panic mode. This jackass is saying “The Plan” is still in effect and Trump can STILL be inaugurated, up to about four minutes before Biden is sworn in. He’s talking about an internal “military operation” that is on-going. The DOD have essentially been checking the “loyalty” of men in the ranks. And who knows what the FBI is doing. Because of all that has happened recently how much is Trump even aware of in this regard. The Alamo speech is said to be a precursor for future events. I believe the Q-nuts have said, “History reveals the future” or some such nonsense.

    It’s beginning to sound like a real Russian or foreign actor leading these people. And the dumb bastards in Tech and Media have driven these idiots underground and now can’t be easily exposed. These over-educated idiots are incapable of seeing “More Speech” is truly effective against all else. It’s as if we are returning to the Dark Ages. Many have aptly said when you fulfill a conspiracy mind you are feeding it and allowing it to spread. The people of Q are too complacent to do anything, but it will allow the full force of Government to come down on anyone remotely associated.

      • The video and account has already been terminated. It was put up only a few hours ago. At the time I viewed it there had been over 6000 views. It’s likely saved and plastered elsewhere. The issue isn’t the Q followers because most all those are too complacent for any action, but it sure is plenty reason for the Government to step in first, and Congress later. We can certainly imagine where this will lead. It won’t be camps, as so many have speculated in the past, because of its optics, but a cancel-culture run amok. It’s a “private company” will take on a whole new meaning. Just as Sen. Warner’s “White Paper” prodded Facebook and the rest, so will the prodding of Legislators to “purge” the malcontents.

        Steve (PTNews) spoke about a firefighter who was mistaken for the assault on the cop who died, Sicknick. There was some similar clothing and the picture Sen. Cassidy put out has put the man’s life at risk. Has the Senator and Capitol Police, who shared the photo, held a news briefing apologizing. In the ensuing days and months there likely will be many who fare much worse. One has already committed suicide.

  2. Whatever it is will be used to crack down on all sides.
    Never followed the Q cult and Trump has pretty much conceded.
    He knows that the comrades will be Hooverized and the Frankenstein monster that the faculty lounge’s created will never be happy until it really is a heap of smoking ruins.
    Nature abhors a vacuum and our external enemies will wait until the demoralization is complete.
    Be of good cheer because you were meant to be here.

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